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Using Previous results from a transient analysis in solidworks flow

Question asked by Ishan Bhattarai on Jul 13, 2012

Hello everyone,


I have some questions regarding transient analysis in solidworks flow simulation and some general question on running a simulation which I couldn't find anywhere on the internet.


1. In my case study, I run 30 min tansient analysis of a combustion chamber with high temperature inflow of Nitrogen. During this 30 mins I need to monitor how different parts of the chamber are heated. After complition of this, I need to run 15 min cooling simulation where the Nitrogen supply is cutoff and the temperature is lot to the ambient atmosphere.

I tried using the take previous reuslts option in the run tab but that does not seem to work as I can clearly notice a recalculation of the entire process. How can I make this work.


2. Secondly, how do I stop Solidworks from running the mesh generation process everytime, even if I change a simple bounday condition, the entire meshing process is re-run, which for me personally seems redundant.


3. In the transient analysis, I want to plot a curve of the gradual temperature rise in one of the parts of a model. For now, I am loading a particular time step that has been printed and then plot an XY-Plot of that particular time instance, there must be a better way to do this.