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    Delete face problem - edges for blending

    Rich Turner

      im fairly new to the world of deleting faces

      only been using this wonderful feature for 3 or 4 months

      ive just started coming across this problem and i cant seem to find a answer

      i create my model, use the delete face option 7 or 8 times and finish

      come back change a seemingly unrelated feature up-tree from the delete face feature

      all of a sudden my delete face feature stops working

      apparently i need to "select edges for blending"

      see attached pic


      how do i select edges for blending? it only lets me select faces?

      thanks in advance

        • Re: Delete face problem - edges for blending
          Jerry Steiger



          Sometimes the error messages seem to be chosen at random.


          I've had features (not just Delete Face) come up with errors where all I had to do was just select the green arrow and the error goes away. At other times I have had to select some missing faces or edges. At other times I have had to select all of the faces or edges over again. At other times I have had to delete the feature and insert it again. And sometimes I just had to give up and find another way to make it work.


          I would be nervous about a model that had 7 or 8 Delete Faces. That seems like an indication that you may not be building the features correctly in the first case. Having said that, there are models where I should have been able to do an Extrude to a Body or a Surface, for example, but it wouldn't work, so I had to use another sort of Extrude followed by Delete Face on the pieces left sticking out. (Although I have also had cased where I could Cut with the Surface that it wouldn't Extrude to!)


          Jerry Steiger