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Efficiency of pipe routing - to route or not to route

Question asked by Darrin Hawkes on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by Edwin Thompson

How often are people using pipe routing in pipe design and fabrication inductry? Pipe routing appears simple and easy to use with good construction information benefits, but in reality we are finding it is not so , unless you follow the prearranged tutorials - but try and real world project and we have a totally different experiance.


Is the end result worth the effort we have been experiancing with instability and having frustration of a system that is difficult to put the pipe and fitting where we want? I can see the POTENTIAL benefits of pipe routing but in the real and competitive world of fabrication and construction. I am now struggling justify why someone would use this software? 


I am currenlty feeling beatin by this pipe routing experiance (on very simple pipe routes) and it is gutting m,e but if I give up on it I cannot see us ever wanting or justifying trying it again. Can someone reatore my faith or are we better to write it off a a bad experiance?  I am looking for real world experiance where people have used this software and found it provided benefits over other tools for pipe designing and producting pipe fabrication documentation?


If you regularly and effectively use this product we would REALLY appreciate some guidance/assistance on how you managed to tame this software into a valuable tool.


BTW, our computers and RAM are all well compliance this SW recommendations