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Obtaining Mass Data in Design Table

Question asked by Collin Huston on Jul 12, 2012

Hi All,

I have found plently of threads related to this but never been able to get the results desired or described.

Here is what I am trying to do in Solidworks 2011 x64:

I am modeling the material removed by a cut in the balance ring of a part. I use a design table to generate multiple configurations of either varying depth, angular sweep or some other cut parameter. For each "cut" I need to know the mass and the center of mass.

Right now I use a design table to create the configurations and then use the mass properties tool to get the mass and COG. It would save me A LOT of time if I could get this data to populate my design table. I have tried using $SW-MASS in the header row but no data has ever filled. I also tried $SW-MASS@PARTNAME.SLDPRT and again, no luck. Can anyone please provide some input as to what I am doing wrong.

Thank You!