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Link a option in the Custom Property Tab to a part template?

Question asked by Mattias Lokgaard on Jul 12, 2012
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I have a question, is it possible to link a selection in the custom property tab builder to a template?


For example, if I have a drop down list of different type of parts like this:


What type of part are you creating?

1. Part 1

2. Part 2

3. Part 3



Then, If I choose "1. Part 1" (for example) and then hit apply, is it possible to make the property open a certan template for that kind of part? (it will open a template called Part_1 or something like that)


If it is possible please let me know and how it could be done


In our buissnes we have Steel Structure, Major Equipment etc.. and all of those are made in different templates so it would be more efficient to have a drop down menu and then choose your part type and then SolidWorks automaticlly opens the correct template.


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