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    .doc files not going to new workflows

    Andy Mail

      We have a category called Support Documents that include files with .doc, .docx, .xls, and .xlsx. and a single workflow for files in this category.


      We now need to make different workflows for different types of .doc files.  I've tried to assign the file to a particular workflow based on words in the Title property, but it keeps getting assigned to the default workflow.


      I'm at a bit of a loss here - what should I do?

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          Jason Capriotti

          There are a couple of ways to handle this.


          You can create a variable "Type" drop down field that dictates "Support" files. Then use this variable to send it to a particular workflow. If you always use a template to create these then you can assign this variable automatically.


          You can also use folders to send certain files to a particular workflow by adding a file patch condition.


          The important thing to remember with workflows, especially the default one that comes with ePDM is to always have a condition specified, don't leave any of them with no conditions. For example if you have two workflows with no conditions or the same condition then PDM just picks one, last saved workflow I think. If you have workflows that are transitioned from other workflows, at least add a bogus condition so nothing can select it.