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how to assy two o-rings in a chain?

Question asked by Rafael Figueiras on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by David Oustifine

My name is Rafa and I'm a new around here (I'm not a fluent english writter so I appologise in advanced for every writting error...)


I'm trying to develop a Newton's Pendulum in SolidWorks (I've already studied SW but I didn't use it in the last couple of year and hopefully this would remind me some of the SW features), and I created 3 parts :


1 - the body ( in which the pendulum will attach)
2 - the conection (that will contect the body and the weight)
3 - the sfere (the weight od the pendulum)


I decided to design a conection between parts based on two o-ring connected in a chain (one inside another) and it's here where my problem begins... I can't assembly the two o-rings... The conection must permit suface slidding and I can't mate the o-rings in order to permit that.


If someone could help me I'd appreciate...