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    Export 'Response' Data

      I'm replying to my own question because I think I found the answer and I think it's valuable enough to post here.

      Saw an article by Julien Boissat from solidworks that describes how to Xfer data from Cosmos for import into Excel. In the plot window, go to the 'Properties' dialog. Go to the 'ChartGroups' tab and the 'Data' Sub-tab and click 'Save'. This will save the data in a .dat (ascii) format. You can either manually go into that file (using, e.g. Notepad) and enter in the commas to make it a comma delimited file or you can download the COSMOS File Manipulator. I contacted Julien Boissat and he gave a download link for this file as follows:

      Please find below the details to download the COSMOS file Manipulator:
      >COSMOS File Manipulator
      >Version 1.1.0
      >COSMOS File Manipulator is a utility which performs automated modifications to files used or created by COSMOS Products
      Download: ftp://cosmosm@ftp.cosmosm.eu/Utilities/COSMOSFileManipulator.exe
      >Release date: 10/20/2003 (ftp download)
      >Requirement: N/A

      Once you use either of the above two methods to create the comma delimited version of the file, load directly into Excel and go to town.

        • Export 'Response' Data

          I am running some transient thermal analyses in Cosmos. To view the results, I'm using the probe tool and viewing the change in temperature with time by hitting the 'Response' button. I would like to overplot multiple model runs and even a comparison of these analysis with experimental data. Is there any way to export the response data so that I can create high quality plots in Matlab or Excel?

          Thanks in advance.
          • Export 'Response' Data
            I completely agree. The plot functionality within Cosmos is wretched. I have been running SW basic and have not had access to PDM works. However, I recently upgraded to SW Pro and look forward to exploring the functionality you refer to. Thanks.
            • Export 'Response' Data
              Boo.. To me this is a huge workaround in lieu of xy plots across multiple studies and experimental data import functions within cosmos/works. The thing I dislike about this workaround is that once you export data from cosmos/works, no connection between the export and the model exists and the ability to refer to a model that will reproduce what is shown in an excel graph is totally up to the user. This may seem like a small problem if it all, but I'll ask you in 6 months to re-run the model to reproduce the excel graph and it may(will) not be a trivial exercise. The great advance for me has been .cwr files are revision controlled in pdmworks. This allows the results to be reproduced after time has gone by if the user checks the study results in with the model. However the results tools are still inadequate enough to motivate exporting to excel.