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Can SolidWorks do simulation of a rubber diaphragm and viscous fluid?

Question asked by Brett Strouss on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by Chris Michalski

Hi.  I have a SolidWorks assembly of a closed damping-type device that uses a rubber diaphragm and a highly viscous fluid inside the device.  For simplicity sake, think of a bottle cap with a pod inside filled with fluid, and a rubber diaphragm stretched over the top while it has a flat base  There is a fixed volume for the fluid to move within the cap walls while stretching the "pillow".  I have two questions.  First, is it feasible to create an animation of the device in action, from its resting state, through application and removal of a force (not an impact - just a constant force applied briefly), and its slow return to its resting state?  If so, how would that be done?  I could create a cylinder with a rotating rod to press the top down, but how do I mimic the movement of the diaphragm?


The second question deals with actually modelling this to adjust fluid volumes, container volume, pre-stretch of diaphragm, etc..  I have SolidWorks Flow Simulation 2010, but I don't really see any examples of how to use it to model a rubber diaphragm.  I have the material properties for the rubber and the fluid, but I'm not sure this version (or any newer version) offers the capabilities I need.  Can anyone point me in the right direction to show samples or people who have accomplished this?  If not SolidWorks, is there another tool that can do this?  Is there a shop that specializes in this kind of analysis?  Thanks in advance for your assistance!