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    Number of files in ePDM folder

    Bogic Dubak

      Is it possible to retrieve number of files in ePDM folder by attaching it to a variable.

      I would like to check project Output Folder every time workflow state reaches "Finished Design" and if it is empty to dissable the action.

      Please any clues how to do it?

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          I can't recall any function in EPDM that will count the number of files in a folder and then allow the user to write that to a variable. You're wanting this to happen during a workflow transition so I imagine a custom written task would need to be run.


          Windows has this ability, so if you can have a method to select the folder and then use Windows Properties to get the file count and write that to a variable, you might be in business.


          Hopefully someone with programming experience can jump in and help.

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            Joy Garon

            Hi Bogic,


            Can you define in a little more detail what you are trying to do?

            Are the files in the Output folder? How does the folder become empty?

            I'm missing something...




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                Bogic Dubak

                Hi Joy,


                Sorry for my delayed response. I still haven't solved my challenge.


                Let me explain it more. Engineering department creates models - with bills of materials, parts and assemblies. Production expects to see drawings in pdf format as a result so they know what to make.

                Every project folder in ePDM has a defined structure that comes from the template when a project is created. That structure includes Drawings folder, Correspondence folder, Output for production folder, etc...


                Sometimes our engineers put engineering request (ER) file in "Finished Design" workflow state but they forget to put any drawings for the production in the production output folder.


                I wanted to prevent that from happening. My idea was to have a folder variable pick up the number of files in the output folder. I would then put a condition to verify if the variable is different than 0 before an engineering request file goes to the finished design work flow state.


                To sum up, my chalenge is to disable ER file in a project folder reaching it's final state if "Output" subfolder is empty.


                Pleas share if you have any idea how to solve this.