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Weldment Cut List Table

Question asked by Joe Pickens on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by Joe Pickens

Is there a way to create a weldment cut list template?


Im always changing the Property Name Mass to Weight and im making the Value of the Property Name Description to


PL "SW-Sheet Metal Thickness@@@Cut-List-Item1@PL .1875X92.25X100.5.SLDPRT" x "SW-Bounding Box Length@@@Cut-List-Item1@PL .1875X92.25X100.5.SLDPRT" x "SW-Bounding Box Width@@@Cut-List-Item1@PL .1875X92.25X100.5.SLDPRT" and i want to make a template to do this every time.