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Excluding items from BOM

Question asked by Ron Betser on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by P. Gutierrez

I am trying to optimize the BOM to streamline the info that I need. There are parts that I don't need to make a BOM for so I want to exclude them. I right click on the part and select Component Properties from the menu. On that menu I then select the check box for exclude from Bill Of Materials and hit ok. I then make a BOM and low and behold the part I excluded shows up. I obviously am missing a step here. Any Ideas? Also is there a way to leave any items off the BOM that don't have a custom property assigned to it? Ideally I want two BOM's. One with the parts that have a material assigned and a BOM of the parts with no material assigned to it. I know I can manually edit them from the BOM but that is time consuming and I want it done up front automatically. Any ideas would be helpful!