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EPDM Emailing non EPDM Users

Question asked by Alison Hilditch on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by Alison Hilditch

Happy Monday all!


So as I'm hammering out our new EPDM system, I've come across yet another question on what EPDM is capable of.

For our ECR/ECO process I need to send notifications to non-EPDM users. Can this be done? I know that it emails users (got that set up just fine), but there are several people that need to be notified that have no other need to be inside EPDM other than to be informed when a Change happens. Upon pondering, I have come up with several work arounds:


1: Create Dummy users. Simple, make fake users with valid email, however, our IT guy set the vault to only allow users that have valid windows logins to have EPDM access and the people I need to notify either don't have a login or are not permissioned to have access to the EPDM server. So I'm not sure how to circumvent that one.


2: I'm sure an API can be written to email the desired people, but I have a feeling that would be way over my head (as I only have minor experience with programming).


Does anyone have other thoughts or ideas on this subject?


Thank you thank you!