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    iPhone 5 CAD

    Chris Peters

      This is a call out to all those involved with iPhone case design. I am chasing some data on the iPhone 5. I have managed to piece together a half decent model (attached SWX 2011 format) and I am pretty sure the overall dimensions are correct as I found a drawing that looks correct on a blog. I don't have any details on the ports or button locations/size or the edge profile. I have taken my best guest off leaked photos and other peoples interpretations.


      Be great if anyone has more information they can share.





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          Aaron Baumgartner

          I'd hate to sound "mean" but since its all just rumors, and nothing official has been released from apple i dont know if i would go and post a model. Believe it or not you will get people that believe its the real thing, even though it has not ben released.


          Once apple releases the product they have a website that gives fully dimensioned PDF's of their products. see the attached its of the iphone 4s