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    Graphic problem SW 2011

    Jan-Willem Rouwers

      Hi all,


      I have installed a student license at home for some furnitureprojects that I want to make at home.

      I am facing a graphic problem with every part/assembly I open after the first one.

      When I'm opening SW the first part/assembly that I open does not have this problem.

      When I'm opening a second part the screen becomes black but that disappears after rotating the part.

      But when I zoom in or out or one of the standard view the part blurs over the screen (this also disappears when rotating).


      I'm using studentlicense SW 2011 on a windows 7 64bit pc with Core i7 920 with a Radeon HD 4890 OC videocard

      I have updated the videocard drivers and tried something else I found here on the forum but it didn't work.


      has anyone a solution?