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Changing SQL server (computer)

Question asked by Faur Arama on Jul 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by Tim Webb

Soon we shall start the changing of main sql server (computer). We also have a replicated vault in another location. The process of changing the main server is pretty clear for me but not so clear about replicated archive server. Which is best method to reconnect the replicated server to the new machine. Till now I don't find any explanations about this process.

The only method (rough one) that I figure is that:

1. checkin all files;

2. replicate all files from replicated archive server to the main server;

3. remove replicated server;

3. create backups for data base and files archive settings etc;

4. install SQL on new computer;

5. install EPDM servers (data and archive);

6. restore database and file archive;

7. test for functionality;

8. add a replicated server.

This method I must recreate the replicate server. My question is there is any method to  reconect this server to the new created one.

Also if anyone have some advices on use EPDM on a virtual machine on vmware sistem?