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Need last 3 Months ePDM license usage report

Question asked by Naveen Maganti on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2012 by Michael Dekoning



We are able to see current usage of ePDM licenses. but we need some more Information like

last 3 Months ePDM licenses usage report to analyze the license usage.


1) We configured JTB Flex report to pull SolidWorks license usage report. It is taking data from SolidWorks logfile (lmgrd) and generating reports. like this any log file is available for ePDM. If so we can confugure JTB Flex client to generate ePDM license usage.


Please suggest me on this to automate ePDM license report.


If any SQL query is available for this please provide me, I have plan to automate this one through sql server. If query is available I can configure a Job in sql server it will run based on our schedule time and it will generate the report.