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Displaying custom and varying text on multiple instances of a part within an assy

Question asked by Jim Anders on Jul 6, 2012

I have a question about custom properties and displaying text on parts.  For example, let's assume we would like to place multiple instances of the same part - say a valve for example.  We would like to be able to enter and display different ID numbers on these valves.  Suppose we have a part named “06106611A VALVE” that would typically be placed into an assembly multiple times. We then would like to select these valves and enter text strings (say V-29, V-30, V31 etc.) that would actually display on the valve part. 


I know we can link extruded sketch text to a custom property but I think this would be specific to all the parts and wouldn't let me enter a unique ID number for each placed valve.


I suppose we could create a new configuration and sketch text for every valve, but this seems somewhat tedious.


Any suggestions?


-Jim Anders