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simple static analysis comparing local and global contacts

Question asked by lorenzo rivelli on Jul 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by Kevin Corr

I have tried to do a simple static analysis taking into account only two parts.

simple test.PNG

There is only a constraint at the base of the bigger cilinder and only a force of 200N applied on the little cilinder.

As you can check in the attached files, firstly I have used global bounded contact and secondly global contact with no penetration. In these cases I obtain the results, but my first question is: What is the more realistic analysis? The first one with bounded contacts or the second one?


After I have tried local contact with no penetration but in this case the solver failed and I really don't understand the reason. Why local contacts didn't work?


Also for the last test in which I have used global contact with no penetration and a force of 1000N the running stopped and the following error appeared: Automatic global contact search. What does this error mean? And how can I work out the problem?