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How to use IEdmBatchGet with IEdmGetOpCallback to see errors when getting latest on a folder

Question asked by Tom Canepa-Anson on Jul 6, 2012

I am using a VBA macro to get all the files within a folder. Some of these files will not be accessable as they have been placed in cold storage. I want to identify these files that are in cold storage but don't know how to use the IEdmGetOpCallback.ReportFailure listed in the Enterprise PDM Programmer's Reference Guide. I either get the error "arguement not optional" or "type mismatch". The method works correctly without the IEdmGetOpCallback option.


Dim folders(1) As EdmSelItem
folders(0).mlDocID = 0
folders(0).mlProjID = 5772

Dim bg As IEdmBatchGet
Dim OpCall As IEdmGetOpCallback
Set bg = vault.CreateUtility(EdmUtil_BatchGet)
bg.AddSelection vault, folders()
bg.CreateTree 0, EdmGetCmdFlags.Egcf_Nothing


bg.GetFiles 0, OpCall.ReportFailure()



does anyone know how to use the IEdmGetOpCallback and how it returns the file ID and error code for each error while it's doing a batch get?