SW 2006 SP5.0, long rebuild times, unecessary rebuilds?

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 8, 2006
Yeah...that shouldn't be happening. I've had a complex model (550 features) do something similar. I finally hunted it down to a particular feature that had something weird going on with it. Like it had an error that the software wasn't flagging. So every added feature made it start rebuilding from that feature on up. Could be possible in your case that one of the features prior to the shell is the culprit.....you simply notice the shell cause it takes long to rebuild. Try repeatedly htting the escape key when you rebuild to see where it stops and rollsback to. Save a copy of the file and delete everything back to the shell and try to pinpoint the problem.

Post some screenshots or the model if you can.

SolidWorks 2006 SP5.0 & 2007 SP1.1 on WinXp SP2
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