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Add a Library Part to assembly with Feature automatically

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by A. R.


I'm wondering if there's a way in Solidworks to create a Library Part AND a feature, such that when the part is inserted into an assembly, it is automatically positioned, and the featured needed for installation is automatically created.


I'm trying to do this with Bosch Rexroth connectors. These connector require a drilled hole in the aluminum profile.

In the assembly, I would like to be able to select two references (say the profile groove plane, and the end-plane of the profile) and insert the connector from my Library, and have it positioned automatically, and have the hole added automatically.


A collegue of mine can do exactly what I am describing in TopSolid, but I can't find a way to accomplish the same in SW.


It would be a great time saver.


Thanks for your help.