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    Help with a system

    Omar Maher


      I have a question , I am building a conveyor belts system with a container
      actually i am a communication student so this is not my field i am just making a simulation "animation" for a conveyor belt system that we are controlling it by PLC in our project
      So i already built the conveyor and going to build the container
      What makes me confused is that how to make a particles for the row materials which will come out from the container and go on the conveyor built
      let's go with what i have already done :
      I made some particles shaped as sphere "Balls" i don't know how to make them not to interfere and they just impact and only flow with gravity
      I checked every mate options but i couldn't get a solution
      that's all if anyone can answer me cause i have 1 week deadline
      thanks in advance,

      Omar Abdel-Rahman