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    Search for specific file types (datacard)

    Dennis Hvam



      I've had a few (read a lot) of requests regarding our search card in EPDM.


      Our users are asking if it is possible to preset a datacard to search for a specific filetype like you can preset a datacard to search in a specific place.


      search card.png


      They want to search only on a filename and not a type for instance if they search for S23500-01 they only want to see the PDF file and not the parts and assembly for this specific order.

      But they don't want to type S23500-01.PDF and mainly that is because we are having some VERY non-technical people using the search function.


      Is there anyway to do this or to set this up on a search card?

      I was thinking about a checkbox, if checked it would search for PDF files otherwise all filetypes. But I can't find a solution on this one, I have contacted our VAR but they are useless in this matter...


      We are currently running EPDM 2010 SP4, looking to upgrade to EPDM 2012 SP4 within 6 weeks.


      Any help would be appriciated!

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          Raghavendra Bhagwan

          Hello Dennis,


          You could use search favourites and specifically look for a type of a file at particular location.


          1) Open the search card, Browse to location where the search is to be exectuded and also define the file type.


          2) Make this search criterion by adding it to favourite and define who can modify or use this favorite.


          and you are good to go. You can define as many as search favourites and its a one click to execute the search.


          Hope this helps.




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            Keith Vittitoe



            When you upgrade you will be able to use the History search field - added in 2011.  With this new field, you will only need to have either 1 favorite search restricting searches to pdf or a search card that restricts searches to pdf's - screenshot from solution S-054267. 


            Best Regards,




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                Dennis Hvam

                Hello Keith,


                I had a test machine and this works perfectly!


                Thank you so much!


                Now I can throw this in my VAR's support face


                But when I search it takes a very long time to come up with a result, when I leave the search field empty it quickly finds all the pdf files in that folder and sub folders.


                But when I write "Be" or "Tilt and turn" without with "" marks its just searching, haven't return a single file yet and I know they are there.