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Three parts intricately assembled

Question asked by Chev Chelios on Jul 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by Chev Chelios

This one is a doozy.  I was hoping that SW would be able to do it FOR me when I gave the appropriate mates, but I might be asking something of the software that it can't do.  (Though considering it's price and reputation, I would expect it to be able to do this, so I hold out hope.)


In the attached assembly, there are two stacks and a third piece.  You will notice that the piece has a sweep (call it a wire) that is located in between one of the grooves on the stack.  I did this by making the bottom of the wire and a circle that I sketched on the bottom surface of the groove concentric, then doing a distance mate between the bottom surface of the groove and the bottom surface of the wire.


I would hope that SW would know to move the other stack in the x-axis and rotate the piece such that they all fit together as described above.  None of the mates I have created interfere with this, but it will not let me.  When I attempt to create a new concentric mate between the free end of the piece (the free wire) and the circle I have drawn in the free stack's corresponding groove, it says something about "cannot create mate... the distance between the [whatever] is [some number]." 


It is physically and logically possible to do what I'm asking- the point of me doing it in SW with mates was to eliminate the need for trigonometric calculations and so on.  Is SolidWorks up to this task?