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    cosmos 2007 DVD disks

      I was wondering if anyone has problem reading cosmos 2007 DVD disk from a DVD/CD RW drive. Mine can read everthing else except the cosmos 2007 disk.
        • cosmos 2007 DVD disks

          I loaded my SW2007 & CW2007 from the DVD with no issues. I'm using an HP Workstation with Windows XP(32 bit). Can you load the CW2007 from the CDs?

          • cosmos 2007 DVD disks

            I have a new Dell Precision 690 x64 bit machine and it can read everything else except the cosmos/solidworks 2007 DVD. I tried the cosmos DVD on my current x32 bit machine and it could read the DVD content fine. It may be a hardware issue since I have tried uploaded the latest driver for the DVD drive and the problem still persists.