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Pack and Go saving copied files in a series of folders.

Question asked by Taylor L on Jul 3, 2012

I am doing a P&G which I have done hundreds of times... I am trying to save in multiple folder locations again something I have done before with no problem. I started this out (not sure when this happened) where I couldn't double click in a specific file's cell to change its file destination.  Then I searched the forums to find a solution, where I found you need to uncheck flatten to a single folder which I never knew existed and never have checked/unchecked it.  This is weird, I have asked my co-workers and they have that box checked and they can still change the destinations and when its unchecked they can't.  I have to uncheck it to be able to make changes... My problem is now that when I do this, the saved files go to the destination they are supposed to but are also now added into a series of folders that I believe were the original files pathway were.  So in my destination folder it will have a bunch of folder I have to go through to get to my files which the new pathway looks like C:\Users\tliepke\Desktop\Customer\TEST2\Users\tliepke\Desktop\Customer\TEST1.  The items in red are redundant folders that it created during the P&G, I just wanted my files in the black portion.  Can anyone please help???? I have already talked to CATI and they were only able to tell me that the issue of the flatten checkbox sometimes acting in reverse was a known bug waiting for a fix, who knows when, and I doubt since he didn't even know what I was talking about until he ran tests on his own machine that he doesn't have an answer for this.