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    output files - do you zip them up?

    Steve Krause

      We generate output files to send to sheet metal vendors.  Most of our local vendors want a .step file of the cad model and a .pdf of the fab drawing.  The fab drawing is not fully dimensioned.


      In the past we used to put those two files into a .zip file before we emailed (or ftp'd) them to the vendor.  And in the distant past when vendors had slow modems it made sense to zip the files to reduce the file size.  (most of the file compression made the cad file much smaller, but not the already compressed .pdf format).  


      These days we don't need the size compression.  But some people at our company are suggesting that zipping is still useful for ensuring that the data in both the .step and .pdf doesn't get corrupted, or at least the CRC of a zip file helps in some way.   Is this true?  I have sent a lot of files, unzipped and have not seen any problems.  Have you guys?


      -- I ask this because I am trying to avoid one small extra step when preparing files for archiving in our Agile parts release process.  I'd rather not have to make zip file packages.