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Transient analysis/Time-Dependent Simulations

Question asked by Danny Barak on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2012 by Adrien Mauvenu



I have an Engines Intake and setup an excel file to show the pressure changes(attached)


Time-Dependent is enabled, Under Calculation Control Options, In the "Finish" Tab Only Maximum Physical time of (0.01412s) and Goal Convergence are selected. Also In "savings" Tab we have save before refindement and Periodic saving checked. Set as Physical Time and with a period of 0.000114s


When we right click flow trajectories and click animate,  all we get is one cylinder getting air, its not showing  us a time based flow trajectories with each cylinder getting air based on the table.


Also we enabled "time info" under Flow Simulation and Time = 0.01412s, pretty much its only showing us the last frame?


So then we viewed The Help file which talks about the "Animation Wizard",  10 Sec video Next> Next > selected sanerio based animation Next> Uniform Distrubution Start from 0 and finish at 0.01412s and Finish.


I hit play it starts playing I can see under "Time =" is changing but there are no flow trajectories?