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What Happened to Sheet Metal and Multi-bodied Parts from Sheet Metal>Extrude Cut?

Question asked by Steve Zema on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by Steve Zema

Hello All,


I was wondering what happened to the sheet metal function?  When I was working in SW2011, I could create a loften bend of a 30 ft piece of sheet metal that has a high end of 2.75" and a low end of 1.375", the I could apply Sheet Metal > Extrude Cut and sketch where 1/8" weld gaps would be and cut them, then I would have kept all bodies and have a multi-bodied part with individual flat patterns.  NOw in SW 2012/SP04, that function doesn't work well, stating that my part needs to be a sheet metal part.  The cuts were made in two ways: a planar cut while still in bend state and surface cut in the unfold state, for which I would get the message when I tried to fold it back.


Does anyone have another option to achieve this, beside using multiple lofted bends?



Steve Zema