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    Nvidia power mizer

    Graham Dabson

      Hi, following advice from various members suggesting downloading powermizer to help with black screen problems I was having with my Dell M6500 with Nvidia Quadro FX3800M (installing powermizer solved the problems I was having); I have unfortunatley recently suffered from a RAID disc failure, Dell replaced the HD, no problem and I have all my files backed up on cloud, so again no problem there, what I am struggling with though is trying to download the powermizer software again. I used the laptop for the first time this morning since replacing the HD and re-installing everything, and within an hour the dreaded black screen occurred. I then realised I had not installed the powermizer so went back onto the forum and followed the link kindly posted by Stephen Burke https://forum.solidworks.com/message/262573#262573#262573 Unfortunately, this seems to be broken or hi-jacked or whatever and I cannot find the download anywhere.......can any one help?