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top down design for desired movement

Question asked by Brad S on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2012 by Brad S

Can anyone share any examples or tips of top-down design using part/assembly sketches for layout as demonstrated in a few examples by Mauricio Martinez-Saez BUT where the goal of driving the design is to analyse a desired movement (set of movements) in the assembly? I've looked around but only found static assemblies or parts.


I imagine the process would be similar, maybe using an assembly using the layout in rigid subassemblies for design, and then a separate flexible assembly using the parts mated together for the movement. Automotive projects seem a good candidate where people would do it (i.e. have experience with what I mean), e.g. quarter car suspension, or a basic full car - driving track and wheelbase for example.


thanks in advance