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References updating in PDM but not in SolidWorks

Question asked by Sally Hoo on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by Sally Hoo

I am having trouble with getting my references to update properly.  Here is the scenario.


  • I am importing a parent assembly (into folder A) that contains a child part that is already checked in in the vault (in folder B).
  • I already have folder B added to the external references list under local settings within the PDM admin tool.  I do NOT have "search file locations for external references" in SolidWorks checked.  Within SolidWorks, I also have the "load referenced documents" pull-down set to "all".
  • As expected, when I go to check in the assembly, I get the message that "file name is not unique" for the child part in the check-in dialog box.  I check in all the other files that I'm allowed to check in.
  • When highlighting the parent assembly, the contains tab shows two copies of the child part, one found in folder A and one in folder B.  The one in folder A is still checked out because of the duplicate file name.
  • I delete the child part in folder A.  The contains tab now looks good (with the folder B reference only).  However, when I open up the assembly in SolidWorks, that child part is missing (suppressed).  When I go to component properties for that child part, it shows the model path as being to the original Windows Explorer folder (the folder from which I copied all my files before pasting them into the vault)


Is this what is supposed to happen or am I doing something wrong?  I would have expected that since the contains tab in PDM shows the references to folder B correctly, that the references to folder B when opening up the file in SolidWorks would be good too, but that does not appear to be the case.  Please note that when I DO check "search file locations for external references" in SolidWorks, the child part is no longer missing, but the model path under component properties is still to the original Windows Explorer (non-vaulted) folder.