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Structural member not showing up in drawing cutlist

Question asked by Bill Anderson on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by Chase Draper

I am making a drawing of a weldment and when I create the cutlist in the drawing one member will not showup in the cut list.

It is shown in the model cutlist and all of the properties are shown for that member. When I originally created the cutlist on the

drawing it was showing up as expected but I made some changes to the model and now the one member will show in the drawing

but not in the cutlist. The row for that item is showing an item number and a QTY. but the rest of the row is blank. I try to put a balloon on that

member and it just gives me a 0 or an * in the balloon. I tried making a new drawing and now that member will not show up on the

cutlist but a blank row with and item number and QTY for that member is in the table and the balloon on that member is still *.