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K factor Swept flange and Lofted Bend

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Jun 29, 2012


I'm modeling some sheet metal parts and then manufacture them. I'm new to sheet metal.


I remember from my little metallurgy knowledge that in simple bending process you can use the K factor to account for the fact that material shrinks or compresses becaue the stress state is planar and can be described by the Mohr circles. Therefore you can use certain formulae to calculate K factor.


For what concerns Lofted Bend and Swept Flange, sometimes you don't have simple bends, but they are so complex that the material stress state is tri-axial, therefore K factor cannot be used. In this case the flat pattern calculation is very simplified and if you needed to know the real shape you'd have to use simulation.


Can anyone indicate me a document or a webpage where I can get more insight about this ?


Thanks a lot.