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Thoughts on "Novice" Icon

Question asked by Dale Elde on Jun 29, 2012



Just wanted to get some opinions on an option that I think might improve user interface. As a novice SW user, I frequently come across issues that can be solved by searching the forums or using SW Help. However, I occasionally come across issues that aren't quite explained enough in the forums/help; this is when I post discussions. I can't help but feel that some kind of simple icon or other flagging device would be useful for users to direct traffic to/away from their discussions.


For example, an icon could be used to show novice, intermediate, and advanced discussions. Novice users might be more attracted to the novice questions, encouraging their participation since the content is more related to their proficiency level. This would also attract the user who may be looking to answer one or two questions in a short amount of time, eliminating the need to sift through the most recent postings. Likewise, advanced content would receive attention from experienced users (not that this is an issue - titles of this nature probably provide enough specificity to get the right attention). Lastly, the largest benefit would be to the user who is searching past discussions. An option could exists to include/exclude content from each category, so that exploring past content becomes more efficient.


What do you guys think?