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    Mass change/replace in vault

    Greg Rupp

      Example: part "A" is being replaced with part "B"... only difference is .015" tolerance on the print on one dimension... however because this is a significant performance change to the part, we are giving it a new part number. We use part "A" in 30 assemblies. Is there any way to mass replace part "A" with part "B" in the vault when you know the mates will not be affected?

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          Jeremy Feist

          you will need to check out all 30 assemblies and I would recommend the "replace component" command in SW.


          a macro + dispatch could likley be written, but is unlikley to be worth the time with only 30 Assemblies to do.

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            Jeff Hallgren



            Could you trick the system a little?  Here's what I am thinking.

            1. Make a copy of part A
            2. Rename the original part A to part B (Updates the links if all assemblies are checked in)
            3. Make the changes to Part B
            4. Rename the copy of part A back to Part A


            Might save the time of doing the replace.  Depends on how accurate you need the version history of the assemblies to be.



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              Dintej Patel

              Was a solution found for achieving this?

              I want to do the same thing, I have 1 part or sub assembly that was duplicated and lets say... used in over 100 assemblies

              any way we can replace the duplicate part / sub assembly with the original for all higher level assemblies that reside in the vault

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                  Greg Rupp

                  sorry, I don't find one. I should just write an add-in to do it, but haven't had time to make it a priority. If i was going to write one... what features would features would you expect it to have?


                  Would it open each file and rebuild it?  if so, What should it do if there is an error on rebuild?

                  Should it create a new version of the assembly file? What if the version is a revision... should it remake that revision?

                  Should it search the vault for a where used or should it be user input as a list of file names?


                  Just a few things to consider.

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                      Dintej Patel

                      My thoughts were simply have the pointer for the part or sub assembly changed from "old part #" to new part number, do not care for references

                      that way when a designer opens up the said assembly that was using a duplicate part it would be evident that the part is missing mates and they would fix it... but the BOM would be auto updated via the vault thus avoiding using said duplicate part

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                        Duncan Tocher

                        I have been searching for a way to do this. It would be like running a "Find and Replace" in and ERP system.


                        I have a part number I want to replace this a new part number throughout all files in the vault.


                        Ideally I would select the folders to run this on (for flexibility), enter the part number (variable) to replace and the part number (variable, file location in vault) to replace it with. It would be nice to have an option to either version the assembly up or revise the assembly. It could also just spit out a list of assemblies that where subject to the change for manual workflow cycling.


                        If anyone has gotten anywhere with something like this it would be helpful.