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problems with fan concentration settings

Question asked by Dan Hofstetter on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Dan Hofstetter

I have been having some trouble with internal fans recently.  I have a model where the initial concentrations are defined by a F(z) table:


ZH2S ppmZAir ppm


The internal fan is placed at the horizontal boundary between these two concentration levels, the inlet is on the air side, and the outlet is on the H2S side.  I have not built the flow simulation configuration from scratch too many times, so I'm not sure of the correct order, but it seems that if I define the internal fan first, and then the F(z) initial conditions, everything plays nicely and the simulation works.  If I defined the initial conditions first, then each time I set up a new internal fan, Flow Sim seems to grab the initial concentration data and use it for the fan output.  So when I run the simulation, the fan essentially blows 156.9 ppm H2S into the tank constantly.  I have not found a good way to fix this other than clearing the Flow Sim configuration and rebuilding the config from scratch.


Has anyone else noticed this?  I'd call it a bug, but maybe this is common.  I am using SW 2011 SP5.0.