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mating a "flexible" subassembly into an assembly......

Question asked by Anthony Macke on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Anthony Macke

is a complete and absolute joke. trying to mate a barrel hinge into my assembly. i get an error message on every single mate, even the very first, but if i force it through everything is fine. then suddenly, either mates all blow up and get red x's out of nowhere, or the part will still move completely contradicting the mate(s) i have on the hinge.


i've had to walk away from my computer numerous times this morning to prevent myself from either breaking something or shouting profanities at top volume.


i dont get mad because it doesnt work, i get mad because i dont understand why it doesnt work. when a part has Zero mates on it, and making a point coincident to a face over defines the part. would love someone to explain that to me. for the sake of saving my hair from getting pulled out.