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Files references - Updating?

Question asked by Joseph Ankers on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by Joseph Ankers

Hi Guys,


We are having some trouble. Im about to contact our VAR but I thought I would see if anyone has a answer on here first.


We have started using WPDM, With the solidworks explorer (contributor) add on.

If we have a assembly with some parts in, We check this into solidworks and all is fine.


If I then check out a single part of that assembly and change it and then check it back in.

The user of the contributor can open the part – and it will be the newer version. However if you open the assembly this has not updates.

When you open it in solidworks it updates. However in contributor it does not.


Now, I was concerned this would be an issue. The question is how to solve it.


1 – Find every assembly (could be 100’s) that have the part in, check them out, then check it back in. to update? (this is dangerous could miss assemblies, revision bump etc)


2 – open with E drawings and use the “new” for 2012 check for latest revision, except for some reason THIS SEEMS “TO BE MISSING IN THE EXPLORER PLUG IN” so is useless.


3 – a vault rebuild? Would this solve the problem? But this means doing a vault rebuild after every change to a part or sum assembly!?


Any light on this issue would be great.