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    Problem Opening MRU files that are on the network

    Valerie Feehan

      We have Solidworks 2012 SP2 64 Bit Windows 7 workstations.  Drawing files are saved to a central location on the network (Novell).

      When a user uses File. Open and browses to a drawing file to open it, no problem.  Later when the user wants to work on that file

      again, they try to use the MRU one (it is pointing to the network drive where it was saved) and they get an error

      s:\<path and filename> is being used by another user.  Do you want to open a copy?


      Have verified the file is not open by anyone, there are no ~ files in the location where the document has been saved.  No one

      has it open.  If they immediately go and use File, Open and again browse to that same file, they can open it w/o the error, edit it and

      save to the same location, overwriting the existing file or even create a new file, all without any error.


      If the file is located on the local C: drive (say the desktop), they can re-open it from the MRU.  Never a problem.


      This was not an issue before we upgraded to 2012 (we have been using Solidworks for many years now). Before 2012, we were also

      using XP 64-bit, so maybe it is a Windows 7 issue specifically?


      I can see a number of ~ files get created, both when Soildworks is open (2 ~ locked files), and when you then go to File Open and open a file.

      When you close the file, some of the ~ files are removed, but some are not (including ~ files that are not locked).  Is is some issue with

      a temp file that is not being released on the workstation that is causing this issue? 


      Thanks in advance,