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Material is not defined for one or more components

Question asked by Jeremy West on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

Hi.  First time posting.


I've been running thermal simulations for a chamber meant to develop turbulent convection inside by imposing a temperature differential.  I need to study the effects of adding a window inside the chamber walls to the thermal profile along the panels.


My issue is I keep getting the error "Material is not defined for one or more components"  when I try to run the simulation.  I have double and triple checked to make sure that I have in fact defined all of the components' materials.  I have copied my constraints to a new study and reapplied all of the materials (per suggestion in another post).  I have selected all of the components, set them as steel, then changed them to their normal configuration so if there were any that I missed they would default to steel.  But for all of these I continue to get the error.


The model meshes just fine.  This problem cropped up after placing a "block" of air between the windows (both a circular window, making a cylindrical block, and a rectangular window) to simulate conduction through the air instead of convection.  I've read multiple other posts that seem to have had similar issues but weren't resolved.  Let me know what other information you might need.  Thanks so much.