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How to embed animation to play in 3D pdf?

Question asked by Steven Bowles on Jun 27, 2012

First off, I am familiar with the different methods of creating 3d pdf's by saving them directly from SW, as well as importing .u3d files into an existing pdf document using acrobat pro X, and this has been working great for my company so far. However, I am trying to find out a way to have the .u3d model do a looping turntable animation inside the pdf document.


I understand that Acrobat 3D was able to do this and has since been discontinued from adobe, selling the technology to Tetra4D as a separately-purchased addon to the current Acrobat X. While this addon has many powerful features, my company does not think it is a worthwhile investment, so I'm stuck with only using acrobat x pro for now.


When a u3d file is inserted in acrobat, there is an option in the "3D" tab of the properties window allowing you to set the "Animation Style" to None, Loop, or Bounce. This is Adobe's explanation of this setting, courtesy of their help document: "Animation Style - For models created with animation, this setting determines how the animation runs in Acrobat."


To this end, I tried created a simple 1-revolution turntable animation of a part file in SW, before saving it as a u3d and importing it into acrobat, but no luck. I'm at a dead end now, any suggestions?