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Can EPDM automatically change state upon file move?

Question asked by Mark Lauritzen on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2012 by Dennis Hvam

I have set up a Concept folder structure as a "playground" for our engineers to let their creative juices flow freely and is not under Configuration Management (CM) control. This folder structure has its own workflow, with a single non-releasable state. If a file is created within this folder structure, it automatically starts in the correct concept state.

If a file is created in the production folder structure it automatically is assigned a production WIP state and is managed by CM.

If a file is created in the production folder structure but should have been in the concept folder structure it can easily be moved by the engineer as long as the file has never been released.

When a file is moved from the production folder structure to the concept folder structure, or form the concept folder structure to the production folder structure, the workflow and state needs to change. Currently this change is done by the engineer via change state.


Is there a way for this to happen automatically upon moving the file?