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In need of advice for a budget workstation

Question asked by German Benavides on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by Casper De Boer

Hi all,


I am currently trying to set up a project for in august for my fellow students.
The idea in a nutshell:


"...building a decent workstation/PC that my students can use to quickly (emphasized) render their parts and assemblies for their projects on high level."


This takes a huge load of their shoulders, they have deadlines, and work hard to visualize their projects. But they work on macbooks (I am sorry), and midrange laptops.


Almost every 3 months they all have to make a few renders for their courses, so the workstation will be well-used.


Now what I want to build: A budget +- 1000€ workstation, that can quickly (within 1 hours) render a not-so complicated assembly (50/100 parts max) or multibodyparts on high quality, that they can 1:1 print on A3/A2 paper. (image size between A2 7016x9922 and A3 3508x4961). I want to use PV360 or Keyshot 2.3 for this. Is this out of the question for my budget? If not, what workstation/renderstation will handle this just fine?


Sincerest thanks! (thanks Anna for the redirect)