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    Tabulated Part Numbers

    Alison Hilditch



      Does anyone have experience with Generating tabulated part numbers in EPDM? My company wants to move towards that kind of documentation and I'm not sure how to proceed with the PDM program.




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          Alison Hilditch

          The only real solution I have thought of is to Assign a drawing number that EPDM generates to each part, for example, 12345. This is set to read only and cannot be changed. Then the part number is manually entered by the user to include the tabulation (12345-01). As EPDM keps track of configurations and creates a new tab for each configuration, Part Number does not update all configurations. The user can then input the next configuration tabulation (12345-02). Does this seem like an acceptable solution? Are there any large flaws other than human error at input? I'm sure I could write an API that would match the first 5 digits of the drawing and part number to confirm they are identical.