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Solidworks ePDM compatability with Sage Peachtree

Question asked by Chris Bassett on Jun 26, 2012

Does anyone know if there is a way to "interface" the Solidworks ePDM system with Sage Peachtree Quantum / Sage 50 products or their databases -- mainly so when a bill of materials is updated in an assembly, that change can then flow down to the accounting system and automatically update the bill of materials in Peachtree?

Even if its just a matter of PDM creating a macro to do the changes to the accounting system, which could be run as a task on a schedule or something like that.  Right now, we do the changes by hand, which can lead to errors in bills of materials (people misreading numbers or quantities, etc).


If Peachtree is not compatabile, does anyone know of any packages (accounting or ERP) that would be able to work with Solidworks, and that are intended for small-medium sized manufacturing businesses?


Ideally, automatic updating of our accounting system from the PDM is our ultimate goal, but we are looking to make some changes and I'm just looking for some ideas right now.