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Make a Solid from Imported data points (ScanTo3D-point cloud)

Question asked by Cesar Rivera on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

I am working on a figure which has a mathematical shape.


I coded on MatLab the points in the xyz cordinate.


I saved the file as .xyz format to be able to open it on SolidWorks as point cloud.


I successfuly open the file but I want to make it solid. I make the surface first by using the option Mesh Prep Wizard then I tried using the Surface Wizard option (Automatic and Guided) but neather of them worked.


With the Automatic it develops some kind of a mesh but it looses acuracy on the edges and the surface.


With the Guided I tried with each reference plane individualy but it didn' work. 


I also tried using the Curve Wizard but the curves that it develop at the edges of the part are not that accurate with the edges.


I even try using the Knit option but it needs more than one surface to use as a reference, but it doesn't recognize my mesh as a single surface nither as a combination of surfaces.


I think there should be a easier way to develop a solid structure having a enclosed figure.