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Solidworks License Question (For Academic Version)

Question asked by Tyler Olney on Jun 26, 2012

Hello all,


I am finishing up my last semester of my associate's degree in drafting and we are utilizing Solidworks.  I have been using it at home as well as at school, however, my license that was given has expired.  I literally have a handful of weeks left using this student package and can't fork the coin for a complete license.  How can I continue using this license?  Again, I only need it for just a few more weeks to finish up some final projects I have been doing at home.  With this being a summer semester, it's all jammed in a shorter period of time so I am getting further and further behind without my license.  Any help??


I have Solid Edge on my computer, but Solidworks is what is being used in class.  So for the sake of interchangibility (that's a word, right? ha), I would really like to continue using Solidworks at home.