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    Trouble joining this forum

    Chris Morse

      I've literally been weeks trying to join this site. I bought the software, installed and had the serial validated and then clicked yes on the last step to join the community and got this message:


      C P Registration - Asset Account Mismatch:

      Service Request Created

      Thank you for your request. In the process of creating your account we have

      identified a mismatch of data between information associated to the serial number

      you have supplied and that of your contact information.

      We are required to resolve and reconcile this data mismatch with the assistance of

      your SolidWorks Reseller prior to completing this account creation request. You

      should receive a response within 1-2 business days regarding this process,

      and any additional data that may be needed. Should you need to contact your

      SolidWorks Reseller or SolidWorks C ustomer C enter prior to receiving a response,

      please be sure to reference the service request number.

      Service Request: 1-2679692836


      I have e-mailed and had no reply. Tried inputting my confirmed serial to join the forum or register my product but it keeps coming back 'incorrect'.

      I have managed to join as a guest, but it is not ideal.


      Anyone else had issues like this? I searched but found nothing of help, and my e-mails don't seem to get answered.